A proud resident of Ohio, State Representative Adam Miller has spent his career advocating for education, social justice, and veterans' affairs. He is running for Congress to bring his vast experience and deep-rooted values to serve the people of Ohio.

Beginning his career in public service as a K-12 public school teacher, coach, and administrator, Adam also served on the Grandview Heights City School Board. His deep involvement in education, including roles as a school district general counsel and chair of the Ohio State Bar Association’s Education Law Committee, has given him a comprehensive understanding of the challenges in public education. In his legal career, Adam specializes in Public Law and Education Litigation, advocating for educational institutions and governmental entities.


Adam's public service extends to his distinguished twenty-eight year military career. He is a Colonel in the U.S. Army JAG Corps (Reserve)* and a combat veteran with multiple overseas tours, including two deployments to Afghanistan. His roles in military leadership, particularly as Rule of Law Director for NATO/US Forces in Afghanistan, highlight his expertise in international affairs and dedication to national security.

In the Ohio House of Representatives, Adam Miller has excelled at bipartisan collaboration, successfully passing legislation that positively impacts Ohioans' everyday lives. His focus on key areas such as public education, veteran support, economic growth, and civil rights has garnered cross-party support. His legislative success highlights his dedication to serving all Ohio residents and underscores his potential as a unifying figure in Congress.

*Not a DoD/US Army Endorsement


A fourth generation West Columbus "Hilltop" native and an active member of the First Community Church on Dublin Road, Adam's personal ties to the district are strong. A former Ohio State distance runner, he embodies discipline and dedication in every aspect of his public service. Adam and his wife are also the proud parents of a 2023 graduate of THE Ohio State University. As our Congressman, Adam Miller will work to leverage his diverse experience and moderate values to effectively serve and advocate for our communities and state.

supporting workers

Adam is a tireless supporter of the American worker. He strongly believes that workers deserve fair pay, retirement security, safe working conditions, affordable healthcare, and guaranteed paid time off. He supports restoring the right of workers to freely and fairly form a union and bargain together for changes in the workplace. That's why he supports the PRO Act. American economic supremacy is based on the power and strength of the American worker. When management and labor work together, we all win.